'A meza de seje

Capri Island
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Folk music from the island of Capri
Tammurriate, Villanelle, old fashioned Tarantelle

... Sicche’ dateme licenza
graziosa e bella audienza
nfi che sorchio ‘na meza de Seje
co’salute de luje e de leje ...
(from il Guarracino)

“...there are very few bands which succeed, as they do, in entertaining and involving the spectators at the same time as offering something new (albeit old) ...
Listening to the “Meza” one is struck time and time again by the exquisiteness of certain atmospheres or by the “furia” or ancestral rage of the drums which stir the primordial and mysterious part of our spirit” - J.W.Sage

‘a meza de seje
World music group from the Island of Capri. Tammurriate, villanelle, but also “classical” Neapolitan songs

The main instruments: Tammorre, castanettes, putipu’ (which on Capri are called Crocro’), - all of which are traditional percussion instruments, guitar, and an instrument which is surprisingly fitting to the music: the Colombian ‘Tiple’

For weddings, the group relives the old tradition of writing and dedicating an original song (usually a tammurriata) to the newly weds.

The group introduces folk music with its interpretation and performance of old songs, many little known, if not almost completely unheard of.
The repertoire is comprised of tammurriate, villanelle and old fashioned tarantelle but also classical and cabaret style pieces. The tammurriata, major protagonist of the regions’ folk music represents a moment of communal musical expression, dance and song; the performances of the group from Capri succeed in involving every type of audience.

The instrumentalisation of the meza de seje is exquisitely acoustic: classical guitars, Colombian Tiple (a guitar with 12 chords and a sound which is particularly suited to this type of music), tammorre (Neapolitan, Sicilian, and mute), triangle, but also includes unconventional instruments such as the “bottle and bamboo). During the performances the songs are complemented by historical citations, short recitals and anecdotes, the cries of the street vendors and the“ingiurie” or insults in old dialect.

Traditional tammurriate, villanelle and the original tarantelle all captured on DVD Video - the latest piece of work produced by the folk music group ‘a Meza de Seje: A host of photos and a video medley of performance evenings and concerts by the island band. The video is made even more interesting thanks to the inclusion of numerous images of the Capri of the past and a short film capturing the island’s most famous sights.
The video has been produced in PAL and NTSC format in collaboration with the Anacapri born artist Almartino.With the contribution of the award winning wine producers Vinicola Tiberio dei F.li Brunetti, the group has produced a new brochure in both Italian and English. The photos included on the DVD, in the brochure, and present on the web site are courtesy of Photo White. The island band also has a page in English and Italian on the web site of the Marketing and Promotion company Capri Gap.
The DVD is not on sale but is available for all those wishing to view the work. For further information and contacts call 3291115496 or +390818370716
Live Music
The group specialises in:
A repertoire of folk music from the year 1200 to the present day, tracing a journey through the history and customs of the region. Tammurriate, Villnelle, and old fashioned Tarantelle are performed to original and captivating musical arrangements.
The enchanting power of folk music guarantees that your most special day is truly memorable. The choice of music to accompany the celebrations is discussed and decided upon in liaison with the bride and groom.
A superb choice of entertainment to enliven the “work in progress” and to ensure that the event is a major success.
Parties, anniversaries, and summer celebrations:
with the opportunity to personalise the repertoire and dedications on request.
Musical “surprises” and audience participation with the chance to try out the traditional musical instruments.
Serenate e mattinate:
a’ meza de seje gives the true romantics the chance to dedicate a love song to their sweetheart in the traditional way
to wish prosperity at the opening of a new commercial enterprise. Performed in traditional costume (also available for other events).
Canzona nova:
Composition of original lyrics and music for special occasions
Music Aboard:
for entertainment on your yacht with traditional music and typical instruments